I have been getting my Car detailed by PLRAUTOSPA for the last 3 months and it seem each time it comes out it stands up even more.  They have never done me wrong.  Awesome service and followup.  I also have to check out some of their Luxury Cars some time.

Kim M., King of Prussia, PA

This place is great!  I bought a groupon for the Silver Detailing and brought my Mini Cooper in.  I was greeted by name when I entered (because they knew I was coming) by Tommy, who was excited and seemed to love the work.  He walked me around my car and asked me to point out trouble spots, and told me what he could do to make my car look almost new.

I left the car, went on with my day, and came back later in the afternoon to get my car.  I couldn’t stop smiling because of how awesome my car looked.  They did a great job cleaning it up and getting rid of some of the scuffs in the paint, the car looked new!  They also detailed my engine bay, which Tommy said usually cost $80, for free because I was a new customer!

I was exceedingly satisfied with the service, the people, and the product.  This will be the only place I go to have my car detailed

Jacob S., Brewerytown, PA

Quick, clean, and located right off the highway, PLR Autospa will satisfy all of your spontaneous “hey-a-check-in-special-I-MUST-CONSUME” impulses as long as those impulses involve cleaning mud out of your car.

The place is within easy walking distance of a wide variety of coffee shop and shopping options so you can accomplish work or errands while your car is becoming clean.

The interior mini detail seems to include everything I’d want. My car sparkled inside and out after 2.5 hours of treatment. Too bad a squadron of birds left poop pancakes all over my car for me to find in the morning after PLR did such a great job. Damn you, nature. Thwarted again.

Brad P., Philadelphia, PA

I purchased a Groupon for PLR and could not have been happier. Unlike previous places I have used Groupons, I never felt like they halfway did their job. Tommy and his crew walked me through everything they were going to do, and then they walked me through to show me how they did what they said they would. These guys really understand the importance of customer service and good follow-through. I will be back.

Greg S., Philadelphia, PA

I just go my car back from being detailed at PLR auto spa and I must say that I am completely beside myself with their customer service.  My toddler nephew made a mess the back of my brand new Lexus IS350 and I needed to get it deep cleaned ASAP.  From the time that I got on the phone to make my appointment, I was met with an extremely pleasant staff member by the name of Tommy.  He took his time with helping me to figure out the best package that worked for me since this was the first time that I had to get my car completely detailed.  When I got there for my appointment, the rest of the staff was super friendly especially their office manager Tamara.   When I got back to PLR auto spa, I was surprised to see  that my car looked better than it did when it was new!!!  Well maybe just as good, but it felt like it looked better because of the great experience that I had with them.  I will definitely continue to use their services to wash my car.  I’m sure I wont need to get the big package that takes care of big toddler stains but they have smaller packages that will take care of my bi-weekly car washes.  And I will use them every time!  When you go, as for Tamera or Tommy. they’re great!

Nick P., Phila, PA

Just got my vehicle detailed. I was referred from their parent company, Premier Luxury Rentals, whom I’ve used on several occasions for car rentals and limo service. I was extremely pleased with the service they provided me! I purchased the Gold Executive detail and was initially concerned with the price, but upon completion, it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend PLR Auto Spa to anyone seeking auto detailing

Janet N., Thorndale, PA